Filing of Liens, Payment Bonds and Foreclosure

Payment disputes on construction projects often give rise to mechanic’s liens and/or payment or performance bond claims. While lien claims and bond claims are effective tools for contractors, subcontractors, and design professionals to ensure proper payment, they can also lead to increased legal and project cost for owners. Metcalf and Spitler have experience in all areas related to the perfecting and enforcing (or defending against) mechanic’s lien and payment and performance bond claims and the law applicable to each and have defended against or prosecuted lien and bond claims on all types of construction projects, private and public.

Preparing and serving accurate and timely lien notices and properly and timely perfecting lien and payment/performance bond claims is essential to the successful enforcement of lien and/or bond rights. We have recorded, perfected, and litigated mechanic’s lien cases and payment/performance bond cases and understand the nuances and law that exist with respect to each.

We also assist construction contractors and subcontractors, developers, and property owners in the discharge of liens that can disrupt or delay project completion and project financing. We have a working knowledge of the law that governs the lien and bond enforcement process in Oklahoma and work collaboratively with our owner and contractor/subcontractor clients in both dispute resolution and contract preparation specifically to address lien and payment bond issues in an effort to avoid disputes before they arise.