Delay and Impact Claims

Construction delays and disruptions in the construction industry are among the most litigated construction disputes.  Delays and disruptions can result from a number of issues, including design deficiencies, design modifications, pricing disputes, permit and approval problems, differing site conditions, out-of-sequence work, and ineffective project coordination, among any variety of others.

We appreciate the enormous impact that work schedule delays or disruptions can have on businesses and professionals working in the construction industry.  When our clients are dealing with disruptions or delays on a project, we investigate each claim, working with scheduling experts to conduct delay analyses to defend and/or prosecute delay and impact claims. We identify every party on a project who may bear some responsibility for the delay, along with the specific causes for the delay, and implement a strategy to achieve justice for our clients. We also analyze the impact of the disruption on project schedules and evaluate the extent of any alleged damages resulting from the delay or disruption to determine the financial impact caused by the delay.